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Precious Lambs Preschool is an arm of ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. As such it is in every way operated and directed as a part of our ministry through the leadership of the church.

The members of Good Shepherd have adopted the following mission statement for the preschool to direct them in their ministry:

The objective of Precious Lambs Preschool is:

to help children grow in faith and love through Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd

to foster healthy, intellectual, social and physical development for each child

We believe that our preschool will serve that mission. We will encourage our member children (as well as many that are not members) with the Word of God. It will also give us an opportunity to reach out into our community to some that may not yet know Jesus as their only Savior from sin.

Purpose and Philosophy

We have established our school to train children. We will work with children to assist them in their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. In so doing we consider ourselves partners with the parents in the training of their children. This is something that will set us apart from many other early education centers. As mentioned earlier, the school is an important arm of our ministry and every aspect of instruction will be done from a Christian perspective. We will share basic Bible truths with the children and most especially that Jesus loves them, and to make him a part of their daily lives.

In this Christian environment your child is seen as a unique and special gift from God and will be treated as such with love and respect. Every child will be dealt with in a gentle and loving way by our dedicated staff. We will seek to impart timeless Christian values to help your child face an ever-changing world. All this will be done in a stimulating environment which will be conducive to learning.

Goals and Objectives

Although parents have been given the primary responsibility for the training of their children, this congregation wants to assist parents in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of their child. Therefore, it shall be the objective of Precious Lambs Preschool

To help children:

grow spiritually in their relationship to Jesus by teaching them the truths about God’s wonderful plan of salvation for all people

develop academically to their potential through new learning experiences via supervised, hands-on discovery

develop emotionally as they grow in self-confidence, concern and respect for others, cooperation in work and play and a spirit of sharing

develop physically with dexterity, strength and coordination

develop socially and help them acclimate to the school environment in preparation for kindergarten

To communicate to you as parents:

our love for your child

our desire to help your child get a good start

our curriculum

our joy that you have enrolled your child

our willingness to be of help to you whenever possible (see page 9 under Phone Messages)

our love for our Savior

To encourage you as parents:

to visit Precious Lambs Preschool, but prior arrangements should be made with the Director

to visit our church, if you don’t presently have a church-home

Goals for Each Child


to know God is a real, personal being

to understand that God loves each one of us dearly

to know the Bible is God’s inspired Word

to become familiar with and understand the Bible stories

to know that God is the creator of all things

to know that Jesus is God’s one and only Son

to learn how to pray

to know that God answers prayer

to know that God is in control and has a purpose for everything


to develop a positive and rightly-centered self-esteem

to develop responsibility for self and possessions

to begin growing in self-discipline, decision-making and problem-solving

to be able to make choices, plans and carry out their own ideas


to be able to take turns, share, compromise and respect others

to be able to interact and communicate with adults and peers in an acceptable manner

to be able to join in both group and individual activities

to be able to recognize how one’s behavior affects others


to develop reading readiness skills of visual and auditory discrimination, memory and sequence

to use appropriate oral and written language

to have experience with colors, shape, numerals and the alphabet

to gain pre-math experiences with patterns, matching, classifying, comparing and ordering

to develop an appreciation for music and art through many creative activities

to gain a greater understanding of God’s wonderful creation through scientific awareness

to gain an understanding of self, family and community

to love learning!


to develop dexterity, coordination and strength

to develop good health and grooming habits

to develop good nutrition habits


Children will be advanced from the preschool 3-4 age group to the preschool 4-5 age group at the beginning of the academic school year, not on their birthdays. Promotion mid-term would occur only under extraordinary circumstances and upon evaluation by the school administrative team.


If your child has allergies of any kind, please discuss this with the director. We will make every effort to accommodate your child’s special needs. Be sure to note food allergies as we occasionally enjoy special snacks and pizza parties during the year. Please be sure to note any allergies on the enrollment form.


On occasion domesticated animals may be brought in for exhibit. Parents will be notified of these times. We do appreciate your letting us know if your child has any allergies to animals.

Arrival and Departure


•The school day starts PROMPTLY at 8:30 a.m. Students should be in the classroom and in place by 8:25 a.m.

•Parents are asked to bring their children to the preschool door to be greeted each morning. This is an important time to exchange “brief” bits of information with the teachers that will enhance the child’s day. However, conferences or comments on behavior and other problems are best done in mini-conferences out of the children’s presence. Please have your children in the classroom by 8:25 a.m. After 8:30 a.m., the teachers most often WILL NOT be able to greet or talk with parents.

•The adult bringing the child to the preschool room each morning will need to sign the child in. This is a Florida State regulation that all children must be signed in and out each day. If you have someone other than yourself bringing and/or picking up your child, please instruct that person about the sign in/out process.

•If someone other than the designated person(s) will be picking up your child, please indicate this at drop-off by noting it in the right hand column of the sign-in/out sheet, or call the school and we will make a note of it. This person will be required to show us a copy of their driver’s license. We refuse to release your child to anyone we cannot verify as the authorized person.

•There can be no drop-offs during our scheduled rest period of 12:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. This is disruptive to the restful atmosphere of the classroom and doesn’t give your child an adequate opportunity to adjust to this setting. Children may be picked up during rest period when necessary, however, it is important not to disturb the other students that may be sleeping or resting quietly.


Birthdays are special! Party napkins and special treats from home make it a joy. Talk with your child about a favorite food, such as vegetables and dip or fresh fruit, cheese cubes; cookies (please no cake or cupcakes). We celebrate birthdays during our lunch time. Arrangements can be made for a “special date” for children having birthdays. We will try to celebrate student’s birthdays on a monthly basis. Check with your teacher at least two to four weeks in advance for the appropriate date. Please do not pass out party invitations at school. We will supply you with addresses for mailing.

Campus Security and Safety Procedures

CLOSED CAMPUS: For Safety Control, Precious Lambs Preschool operates as a “closed campus” which means that only students, faculty and staff are permitted on the Preschool campus during school hours. However, we do want parents and students to feel welcome, so if you feel you need to checkup on your student we ask that you do it without interrupting the classroom. This is not the time to speak with the teachers. If there is a concern, please setup a conference. If parents, siblings, or friends wish to visit the school during school hours, they must notify the Preschool in advance. The Preschool is not the place to arrange or handle “visitations”.

In order to pick up any preschool student, individuals should be listed by name on the students enrollment form. Please keep your child’s record up to date. In unusual situations when someone who is not listed on the records, will need to pick-up a student, parents are asked to send a signed note, or leave name of person picking up in sign-in book in comment box, or telephone the school and leave a message, or inform a teacher with the name of the authorized person(s). Authorized persons other than the enrolling parent will be asked to identify themselves with a picture ID.

In order to keep the school and church building property secure, parents/caregivers are asked to enter the building via the Preschool entrance.

Children of Divorced Parents - the Preschool does not handle “Visitation”.

Campus Safety:

Preschool Inspections: Precious Lambs, in accordance with our license under DCF and Duval County regulations, receives health, safety, DCF, and fire inspections.

Fire Drills: In compliance with state and local regulations, Precious Lambs Preschool performs monthly fire drills to help enhance the safety of the students. When the alarm sounds, students, staff and visitors are to immediately and quietly follow the directions of the teacher in charge. Students must exit in a quiet (no talking), orderly fashion so they can hear the instructions given.

Tornado Drills: In compliance with state and local regulations, the Preschool performs periodic tornado drills to help enhance the safety of the students. During a drill, students, staff, and visitors are to immediately get quiet and follow the directions of the teacher in charge. Students must relocate to a safe zone in a quiet orderly fashion so they can hear the instructions given.

Campus Lock down Drills: Precious Lambs Preschool, as a precautionary measure, performs periodic campus lock down drills to enhance the safety of the students. When the alarm is sounded the designated teacher proceeds to the assigned exterior door and locks it down. All classroom doors are also locked. Students must remain in the classroom until the all clear is given.


The first and third Wednesday’s of the month the students of the center will gather for a brief devotional service. The service may contain some spiritual songs that the children may have learned. There will also be a brief message from the pastor or a member of the staff. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to join their children for these informal services.

Classroom Assignment

To be considered a student in the Pre-K program ages 4-5 (Kindergarten readiness), your child should turn age 4 on or before September 1; is required to attend during the regular school year, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Any other schedule request will automatically place your child in the Preschool program ages 3-5. If a student enrolled in the preschool is absent over 14 days without valid medical excuse, the student will not receive a report card.

Both groups of students will receive comparable religious instruction and will often overlap in their activities such as recess, lunch, music and story time and extended care.

Students enrolling after the school program has begun will receive a two week probation period (10 days) or three day program (6 days).

On occasion a student starts Preschool who is not ready for an active classroom environment (usually a 3 year old). The student tends to need more one on one and a less active pace. WE ARE A SCHOOL, albeit a preschool, but a school none the less, and we are concerned that we could drift into the realm of being considered a day care. Our emphasis here at Precious Lambs Preschool is education, not day care, and we believe that this is the reason our families have chosen us as their preschool provider. Therefore, when the staff observes behavior that is causing “student stress or behavioral problems” the student may be asked to dis-enroll for a period of six months to gain the maturity needed for a learning environment.

Class Size

Our normal 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio is well within the state mandated requirements.


We will be supporting the Christian concept that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16). Children will therefore be expected to be dressed in accordance with good Christian principles and practices, and yet, allow for comfort and agility to participate in all types of activities. If we notice that a child’s dress or personal appearance is not consistent with Christian principles, the parent’s will be consulted.

Following are some suggestions to assist parents:

1.Each child MUST have a change of indoor clothing to be left at the school. Please include underwear, socks, pants and a shirt in a large Ziploc bag all of which need to be marked with the child’s name. (see page 6 – Daily Needs)

2.Daily clothing should be comfortable and suitable for active “messy” play. Please allow your child to wear clothing that he or she will not be afraid to get dirty. Children will naturally avoid activities if they are worried about getting their “best” clothes dirty.

3.Remember that your child will use crayons, markers and paints frequently. Even though we provide all washable products, experience has taught us these do not always wash out completely.

4.The children will spend some time outdoors on a daily basis. Please dress your child appropriately. For colder weather, be sure to remember hats, coats, etc. When in doubt, send a sweater or jacket, as weather dictates or students who might “chill” easily from the air conditioning. We do not have the staff to allow children to remain inside while others are outside.

5.If female students wear dresses we ask that you have them wear a pair of shorts, stretch pants or tights underneath for modesty. At this age girls love to lift their dresses and spin.

6.Avoid one-piece jump suits or overalls.

7.Shoes should be sturdy and comfortable (suitable for climbing play equipment) and not be “harmful”, such as boots with heels, flip-flops and clogs.

8.We encourage the children to take care of their own “toilet” needs. As cute as some “grown up” styles are, trousers or jeans with zippers, snaps and even a belt sometime makes it impossible for a child to get these all undone at potty time (especially when they are hurrying). Plain, elastic waists on pants would be preferable to avoid accidents. This applies most especially to three-year olds.


If you have a complaint of any kind, please direct them to the preschool director or administrator (and not to other staff).

Conduct of Students

Instruction should occur in an environment that is conductive to learning. Any behavior that prevents learning from taking place is unacceptable. Right behavior will be positively reinforced with encouragement, praise and rewards. We feel that all undesirable behavior should be corrected immediately so a pattern doesn’t develop. Biblical rules of conduct also apply to the school setting. In the classroom children must respect other people and their property.

Unacceptable Conduct

1.Fighting (hitting, kicking, “rough-play”)



4.Misuse of God’s name / obscene or inappropriate language

5.Being disrespectful of an adult, including deliberate disobedience and insubordination

6.Any speech or action not coming from a loving heart

7.Willful damage to school property or property owned by another person

8.Harming or threatening others

9.Any inappropriate physical actions

10.Unnecessary disruptive sounds or noises

11.Running in the building

12.Throwing things inside

13.Writing on or defacing of school property

14.Leaving the class, classroom or school building without permission

Any of these actions may be punishable by loss of activity, suspension or expulsion, depending on the severity. Students who bite, hit, push, kick or any of the above excessively may be suspended for one day (24 hours). A student with three (3) or more suspensions may be expelled. (See Discipline bottom of page 6)

We feel it important to maintain open and frequent communication between staff and parents. Each child will be provided with a cubby bag. Teachers will place all notes, newsletters, calendars, conduct sheet, and any other written correspondence in this bag. It is very important that you look through the bag each day. Please do not remove bag.


Daily the children will participate in structured and unstructured activities. There will be a certain Bible story Lesson (e.g. Noah’s Ark) and Theme (Animals) each week. Many activities will reflect the theme of the week.

The children will learn about Christianity through Bible stories, Bible verses, Christian songs and prayers. By teaching the Bible through fun activities, children will find joy in learn God’s Word.

The children will develop listening and comprehension skills through stories and teacher-led discussions that match the theme for the week. They will also develop a sense of time and order as they use the calendar to record days, months and seasons.

This will be a place to explore rhythm and movement, nursery rhymes, finger plays, singing games and songs.

Other parts of the preschool day include:

•Free play in the many, different centers of the preschool

•Outside play on the playground and organized games

•Small group time to give more individualized instruction in many areas

•Lunch and snacks

•Rest time will provide all with the opportunity to rest quietly or sleep

•Large group time for teacher-led activities, projects and stories

Daily Needs

•A lunch (which the student should have when they arrive); PLEASE NO SODA POP!


(See page 8 for tips)

•Each child must have a change of indoor clothing to be left at the school. Please include underwear, socks, pants and a shirt in a large Ziploc bag all of which need to be marked with the child’s name.

If your child is with us all day, you need to send these things as required by the State of Florida:

•2 nutritious snacks (a.m. (optional) and p.m.)

•A cover for their sleeping mat: sheet (full crib size fits perfectly) and a blanket. Small pillows (travel size) are allowed but they must be able to fit in the cubby, along with all their other belongings. Nothing should be hanging out of the cubby. All must be changed weekly.


Discipline is derived from the word “disciple” which means “a learner.” Therefore at Precious Lambs Preschool we do not think of discipline as punishment, but rather as teaching self-control and Christian behavior and attitudes. Teachers will deal with each child in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. IN NO INSTANCE WILL CORPORAL PUNISHMENT BE ADMINISTERED (e.g. spanking), nor will discipline be related to food, rest or toileting. We prefer to give encouragement and praise of good behavior.

We will try to anticipate the problems and redirect a child’s activities. We will narrow choices if necessary. Positive words will be used to encourage positive behavior. We will encourage children to use words to express themselves.

If the child is exhibiting an inappropriate behavior we will tell the child that they need to stop, explain why the behavior is unacceptable, and offer reasonable alternatives. Logical and natural consequences as well as time outs (temporary loss of privileges) may be used as a reasonable alternative.

If the child is repeating bad behavior, the parents and preschool administrator will be consulted. The child may possibly be suspended for a period of time at the administrator’s discretion. If the poor behavior persists, the child may be dismissed from the program at the discretion of the administrator.

Dis-Enrollment Policy

Please be aware that should one of the following situations arise, Precious Lambs Preschool may ask you to dis-enroll your child:

•Failure to pay your child’s tuition in full and at the scheduled time.

•Verbal or physical abuse by your child to other children or staff. A child’s language or behavior that is harmful or hurtful to other children or staff is inappropriate and unacceptable.

•If your child bites another child.

•Non-compliance to any parental responsibilities outlined in this handbook.

•Any belongings left by student (i.e., extra clothes or naptime items) will be held for 4 weeks and then thrown away.

Emergency Evacuation

For the safety of our students, fire drills are held monthly at our preschool. Should an emergency occur which requires evacuation of the preschool; you will be notified as soon as possible and asked to pick up your child if the emergency is expected to last a significant length of time. If the emergency requires off site evacuation the preschool will evacuate to the parking lot of the Church at Argyle. If interested, please check with the director for information related to evacuation and natural disaster emergency procedures.

Enrollment Requirements


Children ages 3 and up are eligible for entrance into Precious Lambs Preschool. All children must be fully toilet trained for a full six (6) months prior to enrollment. Each child must be able to:

•Recognize signals from his/her body indicating that he/she needs to use the bathroom, and is able to communicate this need to a teacher.

•Use the toilet himself/herself, without help. This includes wiping and hand washing.

•Handle his/her clothing, buttons, snaps, etc…

•No pull-ups allowed, as this tends to give the wrong message to the child.

All children of the proper age can attend our program regardless of sex, color, race, ethnic origin or religion. We reserve the right to not accept, or to ask for the withdrawal of any child who is unable to participate fully in our program because of our facilities, groupings, or maturation. Every effort will be made, however, to meet each child’s individual need.

2. A student/parent visit with the Director.

3. Required forms

•A completed application form and payment of the Non-refundable Registration Fee. Both must be submitted 24 hours (working hours M-F) prior to the first day of class. (i.e. enrolls after 1PM Friday, first day of school will be Tuesday)

•State of Florida Health Form (yellow or white sheet, form 3040) and Current Immunization Record (blue or white sheet form 680 or 681) within 30 days of enrollment (see sheet next page)

4. Physical examination

Each child shall have a physical examination before entering the preschool. A copy of the physician’s report must be on file in the preschool office. Although we do not require a physical for returning students, we do require continual updates of immunizations while attending our preschool. Your child’s immunization record will be evaluated on a regular basis.

Holidays and Absences (subject to change with notice)

The preschool will be closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, and two days at Christmastime - plus the week between Christmas and New Year’s (this week only there is no charge for tuition), and will close on Good Friday. The Preschool will also be closed for one Teacher-in-Service day, before the summer program begins.

No financial adjustment is made for holidays, vacation time, or absences. If your child cannot remain in school you must give the school (one week) prior notice and all financial obligations to school (tuition and fees) MUST BE PAID IN FULL. (See page 12) Any belongings left by student (i.e., extra clothes or naptime items) will be held for 4 weeks and then thrown away.



Precious Lambs Preschool is covered with liability insurance in the amount required by the State of Florida.


Nutritious lunches are important in helping children grow. Our goal is to encourage the children to use good eating habits and table manners. Children are not allowed to share food with friends. We will send home any uneaten food so you will know what your child is and is not eating.

We urge you to send a lunch that is well balanced and as required by the State of Florida to contain the following:

1.Protein (meat, cheese, egg, fish, peanut butter)

2.Bread (or other grain product)

3.Dairy (milk/yogurt). PLEASE NO SODA POP!

4.Fruit/vegetable (two of one or one of each)

Following are some helpful tips on packing lunches:

1.Drinks and food can be kept cool or warm by use of an insulated container, ice pack, or a thermal lunch box. WE DO NOT HEAT FOOD!

2.We ask that you send only one dessert. For example, if you send cookies, do not also send candy.

3.There will be a refrigerator available for lunch purposes.

4.Thank you for including eating utensils when necessary!

While we understand some children do not care for breakfast, try to get them to eat something nutritious before coming to school. For early student arrivals, students may have a morning snack BEFORE 8:00 a.m.

Medications and When Your Child is Sick

In the event of a medical emergency the caregiver will administer first aid. Be sure to indicate on the application form any allergies to tape, peroxide, antibiotic ointments, etc. If it is deemed necessary, the paramedics will be called. We cannot guarantee a specific hospital or doctor if the paramedics are called, but we will contact the hospital/doctor of your choice if possible. Parents will be financially liable for emergency service; this includes both ambulance and emergency room cost.

Parents are required to inform the preschool when a child is or will be absent for any reason! You are responsible for student tuition, regardless of reason or cause of absence. We will make every effort to accommodate “special circumstances”, but circumstances need to be submitted in writing (within 7 days) to Preschool, so it may be reviewed by Preschool Council. Please inform the staff the nature of your child’s illness in case the child has a communicable illness. Parents of the other students will be advised of any communicable diseases to which their children may have been exposed. When advisable, a release form from the physician will be necessary for a child to re-enter the program.

Children in this age group are very susceptible to picking up germs because they are still very oral (they are always putting hands and other objects in their mouth). Therefore, for the health of all and as required by the State of Florida, you are asked not to send your child to school with the following: a rash, a runny green nose, earache, watery or inflamed eyes, has an elevated temperature (fever), nausea (upset stomach), diarrhea or vomiting. If your child arrives at school or develops these symptoms while at school, you will be asked to take him or her home. Children must be symptom free (without the aid of fever reducer) for 24 hours before returning to school after an illness.

You will be notified if your child exhibits any of the following symptoms: listlessness, nausea, a runny green nose, a sore throat, a flushed face, is abnormally irritable, has a rash, has watery or inflamed eyes, has an elevated temperature (100 degrees or higher), diarrhea or is vomiting. If your child develops these symptoms while at school, you will be asked to take him or her home. Children must be symptom free (without the aid of fever reducer) for 24 hours before returning to school after an illness.

Contagious problems such as impetigo, chicken pox, lice, pink-eye, etc… in some cases may require a doctor’s or nurse’s release before the child returns to school. Please check with the Director to report occurrences and before returning to class.

Children who consistently have allergies causing coughs or clear drippy noses may be required to bring a doctor’s statement of the problem.

Minor Injuries are treated with soap, water, ice/cold pack, bandages and reassurance. Parents will be notified of injuries, especially when it involves the head.

Medication may be administered by designated staff only after Medication Dosage Form has been filled out and signed by Parent. Please give all medication to the director or other designated staff, who will see that it is stored and administered properly and safely. Please do not send medication in your child’s bag or coat pocket, or leave medication in your child’s cubby.

•For prescribed medications give the director or designated staff the medication in its original, child-resistant container, labeled by a pharmacist with your child’s first and last names, date on which the prescription was filled, medication’s name and expiration date, administration, storage and disposal instructions. Be sure to check with the director on additional local health department requirements.

•For over-the-counter medications provide the director or designated staff with a note from your child’s health care provider recommending the medication, indicating the dosage, frequency, method of use, and administration duration. The medication should be in a child-resistant container, with the child’s first and last names, displaying instructions for administration and storage supplied by the manufacturer, and the expiration date. Over-the-counter medications include such items as fever reducers, cough suppressants, etc. Be sure to check with the director concerning additional health department requirements.

Precious Lambs logs each instance of medication administration, as well as any adverse reactions, spills or refusals to take.

Phone Messages

During the education part of the day, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm, we normally do not answer the phone; do to the fact that the director and staff is busy teaching in the classroom. Please leave a message and we will return your call after 1:00 p.m. If it is an emergency, leave a message and we will return the call as soon as possible. We check the answering machine many times throughout the morning and afternoon.


From time to time we may take photographs of your child for art projects and other displays. The Preschool will ask parent/guardian to sign a “Student Photo Release Form”. If you would rather us not take photographs of your child, please speak to the director.

Rest Time and Items from Home

There is a scheduled rest time each afternoon for the children. Please provide a crib sheet or cloth covering such as a king size pillowcase, and a SMALL blanket if desired. A travel size pillow is allowed and one (1) cuddly item. Pillow pets are allowed but we ask that they are the small or peewee size. The large pillow pets do not fit in the cubbies. All belongings should fit completely within your child’s one provided cubby. One (1) cuddly item may be brought for rest time. Each child does not have to sleep, but they must stay quiet and lay still on their mat.

Please mark each item with an indelible pen with first and last name. The mat cover will be stored in their cubby, but the blanket should remain in their backpack unless in use for sanitary reasons. You will be asked to take the mat cover home weekly for laundering. Of course, you can launder the small blanket any time.

NO TOYS ALLOWED! We do not allow toys from home unless a teacher specifically designates a “sharing time” (Show & Tell), or when things pertaining to the topic or theme of study may be brought in. Small toys can prove to be a choking hazard.

Schedule (Daily)

The Precious Lambs Preschool operates between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The learning schedule (half day) is in session from 8:30 a.m. until Noon, with lunch (provided from home) 11:15-12:00 (lunch can start as early as 11:00AM some days). Students who are enrolled in the half day program MUST leave by 12:30 p.m.

Extended Care is available from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Rest period, free play, snack, and organized centers are offered after 12:00 pm for those remaining the entire day.

Three day students: For three years olds only; Due to classroom and staff limitations the three day schedule you choose: MTW; TWT; WTF or MWF must be followed – no changes or adjustments for holidays, vacation time or absences.

Sign In/Sign Out

For your peace of mind and the safety of your child, children must be signed in and out by parents, or a person you have specifically authorized, whose name you have listed on the enrollment application. We must have written or verbal authorization for any changes. No child will be released to anyone without your authorization. If custody is an issue, we must have a notarized court order on file outlining the custodial arrangement. Identification will be requested from any person picking up your child.

To ensure the safety of all children, we ask that you sign in/sign out using your child’s first and last names and your full name. Older children may not sign themselves in or out.

Please sign your child in each morning. You must escort your child to the room and notify the caregiver of his or her arrival. No child may be left at the school without completing the sign-in process.

Please do not leave your child unattended or unsupervised for any reason.

At the end of the day when you pick your child up, check your child’s cubby for notes, artwork, soiled clothing, etc. It is the child/and or parents responsibility to retrieve items from their cubby each day they attend school.

We ask that you make every effort to pick up your child before the extended day closes at 5:30 p.m. Just as you do, our staff has families and responsibilities beyond the preschool. By policy, our staff may not take your child home with them or make other babysitting arrangements.

If a child is left at the preschool after closing, staff will take the following measures:

1.Try to contact you by phone.

2.Try to call your emergency contacts.

3.If unsuccessful, the staff will contact the appropriate community authorities.

Additionally, there will be a $10 late pick-up fee assessed per child for each 10-minute interval after scheduled pick-up.

Smoke-Free Environment

Our preschool maintains a smoke-free environment. We ask that you do not smoke in the building or in view of the children, as you drop off or pick up your child.

Tuition and Fees

Precious Lambs Preschool provides a fully planned program, consistent care, and qualified teachers to stimulate your child’s growth and development. Since it is not operated on a casual day-to-day basis, our yearly expenses are fixed and our group sizes are limited. The tuition is based on a school year (10 months) and the amount can be paid in one lump sum, monthly, or weekly payments. It is based on a monthly fee but may be paid weekly. The monthly and weekly payments are as follows:

3 Year Olds Only:

A 3 Full Day Program (7:00am to 5:30pm) – This program has limited space.

Due to classroom and staff limitations the three day schedule you choose: MTW; TWT; WTF or MWF must be followed – no changes or adjustments for holidays, vacation time or absences.

$110 week or $473.00 month

3 to 5 year olds:

Yearly tuition for preschool (half day program) –

$4,085.00/10 month

Half Day Program (8:00am to 12:00pm) – This program has limited space

$95.00 week or $408.50 month

Half Day Program with Extended Care (7:00am to 5:30pm)

$125.00 week or $537.50 monthly

Monthly tuition is based on 4.3 weeks per month. Tuition fees paid on a monthly basis are to be made by the first of the month. Tuition fees paid on a weekly basis are to be made on Monday or on your child’s first program day each week. PAYMENT IS REQUIRED WHETHER YOUR CHILD IS IN ATTENDANCE OR NOT.

Other fees are as follows:

Non-refundable registration fee$75/annually – (August)

Late Payments$10 Bookkeeping Fee

Returned Check$25 Bank Charge

Late Pick-up Fee$10 assessed each 10 minutes

A late payment fee will be assessed to accounts not paid in full on your child’s first scheduled day of the month or week. Accounts more than two weeks past due will be turned over to the Preschool Council. Services may be discontinued until account is current. We will make every effort to accommodate special circumstances, which need to be submitted in writing to Preschool (within 7 days) to be reviewed by Preschool Council, but you may be asked not to bring your child until payment has been made. Any payments received after they are due will incur a $10 bookkeeping fee.

Payment can be made by check or cash. If your check is returned because of insufficient bank funds, you will be required to pay in cash only for a six-month period. Any returned check will also incur a standard $25 bank charge.

LATE PICK-UP FEE – There will be a $10 late charge assessed per child for each 10-minute interval after scheduled pick-up. This late-charge will be assessed according to the time on the official preschool clock (no exceptions). Please let us know if you are going to be late so we can reassure your child and avoid unnecessary panic.

Weather Emergencies

In the event of severe weather conditions which may prevent the preschool from opening, please call ahead to make sure staff have arrived and that there are no prohibitive problems. Likewise, should severe weather conditions make it necessary for the preschool to close early; you will be notified by the director so that you can make appropriate arrangements for picking up your child.

Ways Parents Can Help Their Student

1.Teach your child self-reliance.

2.Confer regularly with the preschool staff about your child.

3.Take an interest in the school and whatever your child brings home.

4.Take time to listen to your child’s daily experiences and discuss them with real interest.

5.Build up in your child a wholesome, friendly attitude toward the preschool teachers and staff.

6.Live, work and play as a family group.

7.Report any upsetting experiences that you think will help the preschool staff to better understand your child.

8.Help your child anticipate happy experiences in relation to school.

Separation – Separation is an ongoing process that involves developing a sense of trust between child, parent and teacher. The achievement of successful separation builds self-confidence and sets the tone for coping with separation experiences throughout life. It is VERY NORMAL for children to feel distressed when they are separated from their parents. Crying is a VERY NORMAL reaction for most children at some time or another. A quick exit after settling the child in is the best remedy. If the crying persists for an abnormal amount of time after you have left them, you will be notified. If you feel this is or will be a problem, we would like to speak with you before your child’s first day.


Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday – Friday

Make checks payable to Precious Lambs Preschool

Annual Registration fees are non-refundable.

Current Health forms are mandatory upon enrollment (have 30 days).

Any absences due to holidays, vacations, illness and closures of any sort (i.e. extreme weather or construction/repairs) are payable. Three day students: Due to classroom and staff limitations the three day schedule you choose: MTW; TWT; WTF or MWF must be followed – no changes or adjustments for holidays, vacation time or absences.

The preschool will be closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, and two days at Christmastime - plus the week between Christmas and New Year’s (this week only there is no charge for tuition), Good Friday, and one Teacher-in-Service day. These holidays are payable unless Preschool is in a position to be a blessing. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH NOTICE)

Toys brought from home are NOT permitted, unless designated by the teacher for show-n-tell. Naptime cuddle toys are welcome as long as the child understands that they are for naptime only. Precious Lambs Preschool is not responsible for broken or lost toys.

Daily Needs: A lunch (WE DO NOT HEAT FOOD & PLEASE NO SODA POP! see page 7 for tips

Each child must have a change of indoor clothing to be left at the school. Please include underwear, socks, pants and a shirt in a large Ziploc bag all of which need to be marked with the child’s name.

If your child is with us all day, you need to send these things as required by the State of Florida:

2 nutritious snacks (a.m.-(optional) and p.m.)

A cover for their sleeping mat: sheet (full crib size fits perfectly) and a blanket. Small pillows (travel size) are allowed but they must be able to fit in the cubby, along with all their other belongings. Nothing should be hanging out of the cubby. All must be changed weekly.

Revised 08/2015

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